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Home » Freelancers: Stop Making These 5 Mistakes – Mark R Graham

Freelancers: Stop Making These 5 Mistakes – Mark R Graham

Freelancers: Stop Making These 5 Mistakes - Mark R Graham

Are you a freelancer who is struggling to make ends meet? If so, it might be because you are making certain critical mistakes. As crucial as it is to hustle and find new jobs, your success ultimately depends on how well you can utilize the projects that come your way. However, if you don’t take precautions like setting realistic goals or learning how to negotiate contracts strategically, then you run the risk of permanently stalling your progress and hurting yourself in the long term. Here, Mark R Graham discusses 5 major errors many freelancers make so that you can avoid them going forward; read on for more information!

Mark R Graham Lists Mistakes That Freelancers Need To Avoid In Order To Survive

Being a freelancer can be thrilling and rewarding when done correctly, but if mistakes are made, it could mean the end of your career. There are several mistakes, as per Mark R Graham, to avoid in order to survive as a freelancer:

1. Not Being Prepared For Change: Freelancing is an ever-evolving industry, so the ability to adapt quickly is essential for survival. If you’re not ready to keep up with rapid changes in technology and consumer demands, you won’t last long as a freelancer. Without being prepared for change, it’s difficult to stay competitive in the market and keep clients satisfied with your work.

2. Setting Inappropriate Deadlines: When setting deadlines for yourself or your clients, make sure they are realistic and achievable. Missing deadlines can lead to frustration, delays in payment, and a tarnished reputation. According to research by the Freelancers Union, 65% of freelancers have experienced late payments or had difficulty collecting payments due to broken agreements1. Before agreeing on a timeline or making any commitments, be sure you have enough time to complete the project without compromising quality.

3. Not Knowing Your Worth: As a freelancer, it’s important that you understand the value of your work and don’t underprice yourself. If you’re not charging what you’re worth, it won’t be long before clients start taking advantage of your services and offering unreasonably low rates for projects2. Take the time to research market rates in your area and ensure that you’re charging what you deserve.

4. Not Protecting Yourself: As a freelancer, it’s important, as per Mark R Graham, to protect yourself legally by having an ironclad contract that spells out payment terms, deadlines, intellectual property rights, etc3. Without proper legal protection, there is no guarantee you will get paid for your work or that it won’t be stolen or misused in any way.

For example, one freelance designer learned this lesson the hard way when she was hired to design a logo only to find out that her client had registered the trademark for themselves and was using her designs without providing credit or compensation4. By not protecting herself with a clear contract outlining ownership of the final product, she lost out on potential recognition and profits.

Mark R Graham’s Concluding Thoughts

No matter how experienced you are as a freelancer, there will always be mistakes to avoid in order to survive, says Mark R Graham. By preparing for change, setting appropriate deadlines, knowing your worth, and protecting yourself legally, you can ensure that your freelance career is set up for success.