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Brand Journalism 101: Tell A Better Story – Mark R Graham

Brand Journalism 101: Tell A Better Story - Mark R Graham

We all love stories and how they can captivate our imaginations. In the digital age, businesses that tell their stories–better known as brand journalism–are setting themselves apart in an increasingly competitive marketplace. From small startups to established industry giants, companies are successfully leveraging storytelling techniques to share their messages with the world. But what is brand journalism, and how exactly do you use it? In this blog post, Mark R Graham breaks down the basics of brand journalism to help you get started on crafting a compelling story for your business!

Mark R Graham On Brand Journalism: Tell A Better Story

According to Mark R Graham, brand journalism also referred to as branded journalism, is the practice of using journalistic standards and quality storytelling to communicate a brand’s message. It emphasizes storytelling over traditional marketing tactics that focus on selling products or services. Brand journalism focuses more on engaging readers with educational content rather than directly pushing products and services.

Organizations are looking for ways to gain customer attention amidst all the noise in today’s competitive market, and brand journalism offers an opportunity to capture attention by telling a story that resonates with potential customers. Through this method, companies can provide useful information on topics related to their industry without being seen as overtly promotional. By taking a less salesy approach, businesses can build trust and loyalty amongst their target audience by providing them with valuable content.

Brand journalism has been around for years and is becoming increasingly popular due to the success of digital marketing strategies, says Mark R Graham. According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, 61% of businesses believe that branded content helps them reach new customers, while 60% said it helps build brand loyalty amongst existing customers. Additionally, 75% of business leaders report that they have seen an increase in customer engagement as a result of their branded content efforts.

An example of successful brand journalism comes from tech giant Apple. The company’s “Behind the Mac” campaign features stories told by real Apple users about how the product has changed their lives for the better. Through personal anecdotes like these, Apple was able to create emotional connections with customers and increase brand trust. This campaign was so successful that it had been cited as one of the key factors in Apple’s success since its launch in 2017.

Mark R Graham’s Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, brand journalism is a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach their customers with engaging content. It allows companies to tell stories that make an emotional connection with their audience without overt promotional tactics. According to Mark R Graham, by providing useful information on topics related to their industry, businesses can build trust and loyalty amongst their target audience. There is no doubt that brand journalism will continue to be an effective strategy for companies across a wide range of industries in the years to come.